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Absolutely amazing!!!!

This podcast never stops answering questions. Her delivery and explications are second to none. I am so happy I found this. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the community. I look forward to future episodes!!! I am binging!!! Hope more do the same!

Game changing wisdom

I have been listening to this podcast fir over a year now religiously. The pearls of wisdom and the sighting of other GREAT teachers Dr. Erin give in her podcast and work is mind blowing. It’s a great part of my week to catch up on the latest episode and when I in need of knowledge I go back and catch up on older episodes. Her wisdom is timeless, a true great living truth teacher of todays world. Thank you for your dedication to this podcast!!!

So much Truth and wisdom!!

I’m loving the episodes about your interpretation of the Bible, Dr. Erin! I grew up Christian and have since then changed course on my spiritual journey, but these interpretations make soooo much more sense than the ones I was taught growing up... I would love to hear your take on the story of Abraham and Isaac if you’re planning to continue this series! 😁 Paradigm shattering podcast, eye-opening wisdom, and so many tools that I will now carry with me for the rest of my life!! Thank you so much for speaking your Truth, that we may all know ours. 🙏🏽

Every episode has many nuggets

I’ve been binge watching since I discovered your content! It’s pushing me outside my comfort zone and finally breaking through some limiting beliefs! Your voice is really soothing and I love the knowledge and life hacks I’m learning here!!


Wow, I have to credit so much of my personal growth and transformation into becoming a being of love and light. This podcast breaks spirituality down in a realistic way and will change your life

The most addictive life changing podcast!

From the first podcast a friend sent me, I knew Dr. Erin was offering something really unique. The E-4 trauma work and soulciete community is the most transformative work I have experienced in my 30 years of a spiritual quest seeking peace within, to know my purpose and the reason for our existence. If you are ready to journey into knowing and loving who you are and discovering gifts you didn't dream you could have or be, keep listening. Dr. Erin is direct and to the point, relatable, humble, loving and generous with her messages.

Dr. Erin is very insightful.

I’ve been listening to Dr. Erin’s “Money Breakthrough” and I can say she knows her stuff. I’m also happy to hear that’s she’s applied all of her teaching with her own experiences and they are very refreshing. She brings up ideals that I tend to forget from time to time, and it feels good to get centered with her podcast. Listen to them in the morning, they’re a great way to start your day!

Awesome podcast!

Dr. Erin, host of the Spiritual Awakening podcast, highlights all aspects of spirituality, motivation and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Soul Mastery Right Here!!

If you want to step into your soul’s purpose and level up every area of your life, this podcast is a must! Dr. Erin speaks absolute truth in every episode. Definitely subscribe and get ready to binge!


Simply listening to this podcast can change your life. Dr. Erin is the real deal. Her work is inspirational, motivational and transformative.

Life Changing

Exactly what I have been searching for! The content of this podcast is powerful, enlightening and life changing. Thank you, Dr. Erin, for giving me what I needed to work through subconscious blocks. I feel amazing!

Money Breakthrough

Dr Erin I absolutely love the money breakthrough series I keep listening to it over and over again. So excited for next week Episode! The 1st Episode of the money breakthrough has to be one of my favorite podcast you have done! ❤️ Thank you for being transparent about your life it helping me with my money limited beliefs 💕


I came across Dr. Erin exactly when I needed to hear her. I had decided a while back I am going to become a spiritual coach (I’ve been journaling for years.) Recently I took on a sales job which is a great opportunity but I INSTANTLY felt in my gut this is not what I’m supposed to be doing. My old paradigms made me think that the only way to be successful. During my cry sessions over the feeling of not stepping into my purpose I came across Dr. Erin on Instagram and SHE JUST REAFFIRMS IN ME SOMETHING I AM FEELING AT A SOUL LEVEL, I can’t wait to continue my journey learning from Dr. Erin. I want to become a Dr. Divinity and help impact the world.

The Easiest Way To Awakening! 🙌❤️

I love this podcast, it’s concise and at the same time packed with valuable, empowering and awakening content! Dr. Erin always speaks to my pain points, bringing them to the surface, so I can process, neutralize and release them. Every episode is very unique, inspiring and transformative! Can’t say enough how much I’m grateful for discovering this podcast! ❤️🙌❤️🙌❤️🙌

Thank You

These podcasts always seem to reach me at the right time. Thank you for contributing to my life & journey 🙏🏼


I love this podcast. The episodes are short but powerful and always actionable. Life changing. Thanks so much, dr Erin!

Love Dr Erin's teachings

These podcast are a great way to continue to learn from Dr Erin. After reading her book (in which changed my life) had such a hunger to hear her teaching. These podcast and any of her words help me grow in no way I have ever felt. Can never thank Dr Erin enough for how she has helped me grow.

Epic content

WOW! This is exactly what I need — a combination of New Thought principles and and soulful business building. So much YES! Thank you!

I'm addicted to this podcast!

I listen to a lot of podcasts but can't seem to get enough of this one. I am so grateful for each and every nugget of wisdom Dr. Erin shares. She is relatable and inspiring at the same time. I usually binge-listen on my morning walks and I swear my days are different (more positive, more energized, more joyful) because of it. If you want to learn the principles of Universal Law there's simply no better way to do it. Thank you Dr. Erin!

Soundtrack for Daily Living

I am a huge believer that universal principles are the foundation in which I may build my life. As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur, my life is pulled in so many directions and from time to time, I find myself a bit flustered. The principles that Dr. Erin teaches reminds my to get back to my center because my center is where I’ll be able to embrace the tools (mostly my own divinity) to ground myself and get back on track. Thank you Dr. Erin!

Divine Goddess

Dr. Erin is the definition of Divine Goddess. Everything she says resonates so deeply with the who “I am” and the truth of who we really are. Blessings to you Dr Erin for being the light and the way for all of us!


Love all you do & share! You keep things real & relatable! Also a biggie that you actually follow back and reciprocate!❤️🙏❤️ And always answer your dm’s very real & sweet!

An empowering soul

Dr. Erin is a powerhouse when it comes to teaching and living Universal Law. She has been a driving force of my journey into addressing and overcoming trauma -- her methods and knowledge are empowering and life-changing. If your frustrations, doubts and fears have become bigger than you, Dr. Erin is your champion.

Change the world

This podcast moved me AND my 23 year old daughter. Love the energy and the message. I am inspired and motivated by you Dr. Erin - thank you for everything you are doing out here to create change and aliveness!

Spoke to my soul

I stumbled upon Dr. Erin on Instagram, and immediately fell in love with the knowledge and love that she shared with the world, so I KNEW I’d love her podcast just as much!! Every single episode is jam packed full of wisdom and good vibes, and I am hooked. ❤️

Love your energy and your message

I came across you through the Leo King and instantly connected with your light. Thank you for sharing your gift and story


Dr. Erin is a leader of leaders. She is so grounded in her word and thought and I have watched her help numerous individuals from such a genuine and heartfelt place. I love listening to her podcasts for a renewed mind and spirit and stronger mindset to take on all that life brings my way!

Dr. Erin is Amazing...And So It Is

Dr. Erin’s podcast and content is game changing for life. I have been following Dr. Erin for 90 days, listen to her podcasts, have her book, and I am in the Leadership Class. Dr. Erin’s teachings on Universal Law and Science of Mind is applicable in all areas of Life. She is the best!

Great podcast

Dr. Erin speaks to people with the best advice. It helps those who are struggling with everyday life and facilitates passion. For entrepreneurs, I recommend listening to her show. You just have to learn the meaning of patience.


Dr.Erin inspires me and pulls out the spiritual gangster in me! I learn so much and have so many light bulb moments! I love her giving spirit and deep knowledge of things that truly matter and enhance my life!!

Love this podcast and Dr. Erin!

Dr. Erin is the real deal. Every episode is going to inspire and motivate you regardless of the topic - and it will make you think about life in new, healthy ways. This podcast is a great way to start your day - she is pure love and positivity and always provides life-enhancing ideas and concepts! Love her!

Please listen to #81 podcast.

Absolutely incredible!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯

Empowering Podcast

Dr. Erin is so inspiring! Clear step by step on finding your truth, power, passion, and purpose. Thank you for helping me reprogram my mind and find my core values!

@guidance2freedom thank you Dr. ERIN!

I am thankful for being able to connect with her in media! I discovered her five months ago, and was a life changing absorbing all the understandings and the incredible lessons she brings to the world and to our growth as human beings. I’m a Freedom Coach, what this means is that I help my clients to free themselves from their own thought patterns, limiting beliefs with NLP technology and many other techniques. I have many powerful spiritual gifts that I discovered recently, but I didn’t understand exactly how things work and now I do, because of my understanding of things in a soul level. Thank you @drerin for the love and valuable information and wisdom in a deep level you provide to our growth! It’s life changing! Love, Rubeth Rizo Patron @guidance2freedom @rubeth.light.working

Finding purpose 🤩

Episode #54 is everything for those finding their calling in life. Short but packed with nuggets of gold. Love the formula. Indeed. It is written. Once you find your calling, confirmation is riddled loudly along the journey. Thank you Dr. Erin 🤗

I want to Live my Truth!

Live your Truth 8 of 12 This couldn’t have come a a better time! Just when I wanted to complain about something that happened this weekend, I learned something new! Accept people, places and things as they are! I am happy and need to stay that way!!

A powerful Goddess!

Dr Erin is the real deal. An incredible powerful light in this world. And now I'm so grateful I can take her with me anywhere with this podcast!

Podcast self empowerment

I listen to Dr Erin’s podcast today. I wanna say first I listen to a lot of Podcasts. Her podcast was easy to listen to, and informative. I was truly inspired, but more then anything, I couldn’t wait to listen to the next one. Thank you!

My therapy!!

So much valuable and important information in every episode of this podcast!! I am hooked and so grateful. Keep a journal nearby.. ✨✨

Find Your Truth

So often I come across leaders of spirituality and often become disappointed. Dr. Erin is not a disappointment. The messages and insights in to living your truth are grounded and relevant to these times. A wonderfully beautiful and educated woman sharing her spiritual journey and helping others live their truth. I’m blessed to have come across this woman’s work and hope to spread the wonders. Thank you Dr. Erin.

Bridging humanity with their Divine Essence

I can’t wait to dive into listening to Dr. Erin on the daily and I know my tribe is in agreement. I find Dr. Erin a mixture of many of the spiritual and Energetics pathways to which I have affinity. She shares partly in ways to unravel what we’ve not questioned about ourselves and then weaves in major avenues for discovery of finding ourselves, our truth with authenticity and self love boundaries. As well, Dr. Erin languages that most can connect with her and her brand of being. She is a gift to this energy of internet for inspiration on the go! She gives a taste that makes you want more. Can’t wait to get her book, Awakening! Carol Lovell Calvert 10/30/19

Amazing Podcast!

I learn so much every time I listen to this podcast! Dr. Erin really brings new ways of thinking and ways to implement positive growth.

Dr Erin Podcast

I have learned so much from Dr Erin! Such a beautiful and valuable show. I highly recommend it.


This is an amazing podcast! I would highly suggest listening to this on a regular basis! Thanks Dr Erin!

Dr Erin is amazing!!

I have learned so much from this podcast! I highly recommend it!


Dr Erin is not only an amazing person but an exceptional professional. This podcast will teach you the tools you need to become whom you’ve always wanted to be. Raw and honest it will show you that the life you’ve always wanted is on the other side of your own thoughts.

Such an Inspiration!

Dr. Erin has been a tremendous inspiration and motivator for me! She really opens eyes to seeing the world in a more productive and healthy manner. To live life to its fullest and be successful. What is also wonderful is that she is a very educated and well spoken person, so you can feel confident in the message she is sharing. Thank you, Dr. Erin!

Filled with wisdom! I love this podcast!

I love Dr. Erin and her ability to connect and have listeners see things through different perspectives. A wealth of positive information. Xo

So much wisdom!

Erin is an expert in what she does, speaks, and teaches. I always find answers to all of life’s crazy questions within the her podcast. She is so knowledgable and I’m grateful for this platform so I can learn her teachings! Seriously one of my favorite podcasts!!

Dating and Relationships

Dr. Erin’s show on dating and relationships was fantastic! The conversation brought some really solid help for anyone looking for that Soul Partner to share life with! Erin and the guests she is bringing to her audience are gift on the transformation journey!


I always enjoy listening to this podcast to start my day!

No-nonsense guru

Dr Erin cuts right through the BS and brings you the gold. We are lucky to have her guiding and sharing everything she knows, all to better the planet. I am so grateful for her 🙏

Insight, Wisdom & Grace

Dr. Erin speaks from the heart. She openly shares her wisdom, insight and experience with grace, love, and honesty. She brings a daily dose of heartfelt guidance and encourages her listeners to align with their deepest spiritual truth. I love how she guides us to tap into the highest parts of ourselves to find love, happiness, and peace within. Many thanks for leading us to our hearts.

Insights into your soul

Dr. Erin asks the right questions and has the right guests that will uplift your spirits, your income and your overall happiness!

True Spiritual Leader

She’s the real deal!! If you’ve been searching for someone to give you the guidance and inspiration to make the changes in your life that you know are holding you back...Dr.Erin is it! Or if you know the truth and just need someone that lives in it with you...you’ve found her. I am so grateful that she has come into my life. I am a new woman, learning to live in the light and spreading the word so everyone else can live in it with me!

Such an inspiration!

Erin is not only a true leader but also a kind passionate spirit sharing her immense knowledge to help women (and men) unleash their divine purpose and realize their full potential. I can’t get enough!

Dr Erin

Enjoy Dr. Erin’s insight!


Dr. Erin is so relatable and helpful!

So helpful

Living in hard times, good times, blessed times... etc. Dr. Erin is amazing and these podcast cover all areas and stages of our lives.

Breath of Fresh Air

Dr. Erin is someone who listens with her heart and gives of herself to help heal and inspire others to live their best life. Listening to her is always a great way to start my day in the right place. From my highest self. Loving youself, being in the moment, and bringing your best self to everything are cornerstones that I take away when she speaks.

A wealth full of knowledge and inspiration!

I am so Grateful and thankful for this podcast! Such a wide variety of guests mixed with a deep wealth of knowledge on all things including WuWu! Dr. Erin is a great host! Must listen!!!

YES, YES, YES! Must listen!

Dr. Erin is a women of love and constant devotion to her mission of touching lives in such a beautiful and poweful way. She has made a profund impact on my life and I am so grateful for her wisdom, teachings and friendship on my journey to self discovery!

Divine Spiritual Leader! Dr. Erin is brilliant and empowering 🙌🏻😇

I love following Dr. Erin and being apart of her amazing community. Every podcast is a gift and centers me into my “knowing”. And IG and FB are also inspiring to follow for her daily payers and messages. I love her leadership and teaching all of us to be spiritual leaders. 💓💓💓 I am blessed to have a long time friendship with Dr. Erin and now a student of her work! Thank you and Namaste to all. 🙏🏻

Life Changing

Home is the best way to describe what finding Dr. Erin felt like. She moves your soul and takes you on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery. I highly recommend her podcast! Your life will forever be changed by the impact she makes. Thank you, Dr. Erin 💜


Dr. Erin is amazing and she is an inspiration to so many! Highly recommend.

If you seek enlightenment, Dr. Erin has the goods

Dr. Erin Haskell is one of the smartest, aspirational and brilliant figures in the spiritual sector. Her words of wisdom sink deep, and her passion for enlightening the world is apparent. A must listen!

Spiritual Jedi

A powerful way to start your day! If you're looking connect with and ground your life in Universal law, Dr. Erin is the master. She delivers profound content and spiritual truth bombs in such a relatable manner that keeps you tuned in and excited to apply the principles to your life! Thank you Dr. Erin <3

Transformative Powerhouse!

You know the power of a person when they speak and you feel moved... compelled to act! Dr. Erin is that voice!!!! She inspires and transforms Consciousness when she speaks....and does it with such grace! Thank you, Dr. Erin, for stepping out of the box and holding a space for the rest of the world to do the same!!

Self actualizing

I have been searching every where for a podcast that engages my soul...after listening to this podcast I have found what I have been looking for! Thank you

Inspiring and Real

Dr. Erin has the ability to inspire you and provide realistic advice to implement to be able to live your best life. 💞✨ Thank you 🙏🏼


This podcast always leaves me wanting for more, in the best possible way. Listening to Dr. Erin always make me reflect deeply which is a good thing. My favorite are the 11 minute episodes. Dr. Erin has such a calming presence. Honestly cannot get enough!

Me, Myself, and I

I listened to the episode about BULLYING and I really connected with BECOME YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND. Often times we are harder on ourselves than we are on others. This is especially true for me. What's crazy is that we all post how we need to put a stop to bullying and don't allow others to bully you, yet we don't talk about not bullying ourselves. This is a much needed episode. You have to learn how to PROPERLY love and take care of yourself in all aspects of your life. Do you love yourself enough? That's a question that I never thought about. If you haven't done so already please take time to listen and subscribe to Dr. Erin, you won't regret it. -Stacie


Its an amagine podcast. I really love it.

Erin Fall

I’m so inspired by you Erin. I’ve never listened to a podcast until i listened to you. I now find myself taking time for me to listen to you so i can grow within myself! Growing up with you i didn’t think you could become more beautiful, But you have and i admire all that you are and all that you have to offer to others! I’m so proud of you and all of your accomplishments and look forward to learning from you! Much Love, Ena

Way to go!

Not only is Erin an intellectual, articulate and profoundly knowledgeable podcast host, in each episode she confidently empowers her listeners to discover self-love, happiness and the joys of living a purposeful life.